March 2020:

COVID-19 Webinar Series: May 15 is NOW the New Year
Jennifer Perna, Fulton Market Consulting
Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq
May 15 is NOW the New Year - Slide Deck Only

Video used during presentation
May 15th Now is the New Year Blogpost (Fulton Market Consulting)
Sales Leaders - What Do We Do Now and Next Blogpost (Fulton Market Consulting)
Helpful Nuphoriq Logos List for Brands

Managing Your Cash Flow During the Coronavirus Crisis
Ami Kassar, Multifunding
Managing Your Cash Flow During the Coronavirus Crisis - Recording Only

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Limited Services vs Temporary Shut Down, Cash Flow and Expense Reduction
Margot Jones, Purple Onion Catering, Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering, Jeffrey Selden, Marcia Selden Catering & Events

Limited Services vs Temporary Shut Down - Slide Deck
Limited Services vs Temporary - Recording

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Furlough vs Layoff
April Lambatos, Footers Catering, Jeffrey Selden and Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering & Events, Warren Dietel, Puff 'n Stuff an Charlie Schaffer, Schaffer

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Leading Through Ambiguity
Francisco Christian, Taylored Hospitality Solutions, LLC, Greg Karl, Red Quill Hospitality Solutions and Clint Elkins, SB Value

February 2020:
Off the Shelf: Building a Meal Prep Program
Jimmy Olang, 24 Carrots

January 2020:
How to Tetris a Truck - Proper Ways to Ensure Your Goods Stay Secured
Jason Sutton, Footers Catering

November 2019:
Catersource 2020: Behind the Scenes
Panel Discussion

November 2019:
Game Changers and Inspiration
Ken Barrett-Sweet, The Catered Affair

November 2019:
CATIE Awards - How to Submit Entries and New Categories
Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering & Events

August 2019:
Heart Leadership
Anthony and April Lambatos, Footers Catering

July 2019:
Onboarding - What Works
Syd Sexton, By Design Collective

July 2019:
Staff Management: A Panel of Three Executives (sponsored by Nowsta)

May 2019:
ICA Executive Committee and ICA Headquarters

May 2019:
Sandy Hammer, AllSeated

May 2019:
Stewart Lane, Lane Partners Consulting Company and Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions

This webinar was sponsored by: SB Value

April 2019:
Greg Karl, Red Quill Hospitality Solutions
Tricia Woodman, Corky's BBQ and Simply Delicious Caterings

April 2019:
Jonathan Jennings, CT Wedding Group

March 2019:
Ashley Oakes Scott, Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering

March 2019:
Joseph Veneman, StaffMate Online

February 2019:
Clint Elkins, SB Value
Panel Discussion

November 2018: 

September 2018:
Ready, Set, Action! Innovative Food Stations from a Few of Our Talented ICA Chefs!
Greg Shapiro, Tastebuds Custom Catering

August 2018:
How to Set, Catch and Release Interns from Your Company
Steve Sanchez, The JDK Group
Alanna Kelly, The JDK Group
July 2018:
Vegan Main Course Cooking
Jennie Cook, Jennie Cook's Catering
Joanne Purnell, Good Gracious Events
Rach Teipen, Conrad Indianapolis
June 2018:
Prop Room Organization: Decluttering Specialty
Lon Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions
May 2018:
How to Get the Most Out of Your Event Photos
Jamie Pritscher and Emily Ebert, Nuphoriq
May 2018:
How to Get Creative During a Staff Shortage
Marissa Delgado and Becky McIntyre, Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering
November 2017:
Metric Madness 2.0: Measuring and Improving What Matters to Your Business
Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq September 2017:
You Can Add Amazing Garnishes to Elevate Your Everyday Desserts
Bonnie Kravitz, Daniel et Daniel
August 2017:
Building a Strong Service Team in a Competitive Market
Blue Plate Catering
June 2017:
In Kind, or Out of Pocket? A Strategic Approach to Sponsorships and Donations
Heidi Brice, Director of Catering, Puff 'n Stuff Catering
April 2017:
SEO-ing the Seeds to Success: How to Make Search Engine Optimization Work for You
Michael Larson, Web Director, Nuphoriq
Jamie Pritscher, Co-Found & CCO, Nuphoriq
March 2017:
Culinary vs. Sales: From Epic Battles to Creative Collaboration
Suzi Shands, Mintahoe Catering & Events

Cathy Mindel, Mintahoe Catering & Events
January 2017:
The Benefits of Attending Catersource & Art of Catering Food 2017: A Panel Discussion

Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering
Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate
Paul Larson, Blue Plate
Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering & Events
October 2016: 
ICAEF Scholarships to Catersource and Art of Catering Food 2017 Made Easy

Roxann Torelli, Gourmet Delights Catering September 2016: 
Using Customer Reviews to Power Your Business

Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq
July 2016:
Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Building and Managing a High Performance Sales Team June 2016:
Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering & Special Events, Margot Jones, Purple Onion Catering and Paul Larson, Blue Plate
Learn All About Art of Catering Food (AOCF): A Panel Discussion March 2016:
Jen Delaye, The JDK Group and Steve Sanchez, The JDK Group

Purpose, Plan and Profits
February 2016:
Margot Jones, Purple Onion Catering, Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering and Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate

Panel Discussion: The Benefits of Attending Catersource December 2015: 
Metric Madness: The Best Marketing Metrics for Your Business 
Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq
November 2015:
Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate

Sales Team Compensation & Structure October 2015:
Lon and Stewart Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions
Prop Room Organization and Packing October 2015:
Jeffrey Selden, Marcia Selden Catering 
Liquid Kitchen
August 2015:
Thomas Gussen, Sprague Energy (ICA Partner)
Sprague PowerShop Program - Available to ICA Members
August 2015:
Kelly Early of Thomas Caterers of Distinction

Planning a Large Event - A Study on Logistics
July 2015:
Keith Lord of The Wild Thyme Company

Working with Your Local Farmers June 2015:
Mary Crafts-Homer of Culinary Crafts
Everything You Wanted to Know about Art of Catering Food 2015 in Salt Lake City 
March 2015:
Jamie Pritscher of Nuphoriq 

Is Your Marketing Working? How to Measure Marketing ROI
Jan 2015: 
Neal Green of All Occasion Catering and Bill Pannhoff of B&B Catering
The Importance of the ROI at Catersource
September 2014: 
Cerys Brown of Social Tables and Tobe Finch of Happy Day Catering

Social Tables: The Future of Catering with Event Technology
July 2014:
Jamie Pritscher of Nuphoric, Inc and Frank Christian of Festivities Catering

Social Media: Not Just for Food Sharing June 2014:
Dan Smith, Catering by Design

The Year of the CATIE ... 
May 2014:
Bill Hammett, Hammett Health Insurance 

Cutting Through the Noise of Healthcare Reform
May 2014:
Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Tastings: A Valuable Marketing Tool or a Pain in the #$! 
February 2014:
Donna Ford, Sweet Memories Bakery 
Not Sleazy Just Easy - Enticing and Tempting Desserts
November 2013: 
Paul Larson, Blue Plate 

Hit the Number or Hit the Road
October 2013: 
Jennifer Perna, Blute Plate 

Happy Sales People = Happy and Healthy Sales Numbers
September 2013: 
Warren Dietel, Puff 'n Stuff Events/Catering 

Event Staff for Fun and Profit September 2013: 
Kevin Lacassin, Good Food Catering Company

How Your Small Company Can Win and Execute Large Events August 2013: 
Tom Gussen, Metromedia Energy

The Cost of Energy is in Your Hands August 2013: 
Tom Green, Don Strange of Texas

Taking Catering Outside the Box  July 2013:  
Roberto Guerra, Pits 'n Spits

Re-purposing 2 exotic cooking methods that are too HOT to ignore May 2013: 
Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Building a Sales Team That Will Make You Jump for Joy! May 2013: 
Sandy Hammer, All Seated

A FREE App for Floor Plans - Your Customers Will Love You February 2013: 
Adam Gooch, Purple Onion Catering

Spring Ahead- New Fresh Salad Ideas for this Upcoming Season January 2013
Lon Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions

Prop Room Organization November 2012:  
Ken Barrett, Broadway Gourmet

More Pans Than Stoves? October 2012:  
Mary Crafts-Homer, Culinary Crafts

No Pastry Chef? No Problem?